Team Building Services

Revolutionize the way you work. Really.
You’re seeking team or organizational development to transform your experience, to build strengths, to fill gaps, to eliminate ‘pain.’  We’ve got you.  We provide real results based in a process, not a package.  Others ‘instruct’ from a podium; we facilitate learning.  Others offer good ideas and raise awareness; we develop behavior and help set the context for excellence in real time.

Leadership and team development are synchronous processes.  We help you establish a culture where leaders are trustworthy, effective, inspiring and engaging, and where team members are aligned, innovative, inspired and committed. We help you make this the every day experience, not just a training high.

While we offer specific programming focus (overviews below), we utilize our strengths to create a customized process solution for you.  We’ll ask a lot of questions, do interviews, and even provide surveys and assessments to get the right data and ensure we’re meeting your goals. We look forward to talking with you.

Explore our programming and get a better understanding of what we’re about and how can we bring our unique expertise to work for you.

team building program overview

High Performance is not just a concept. It’s not just an ideal reached by an elite few.
It is a set of concrete skills available to teams willing to commit. The specific skills and behaviors that drive high performance can be learned by any team.  Learn More >

team building with indoor sky diving
Elevate your team development for sustained impact.
Take your team development process to new heights with the innovative Source/iFly Indoor Skydiving training.
 Learn More >

team building with interactive drumming

Explosive, cutting edge, original, innovative, and that’s just scratching the surface. 
X8 Interactive Drumming programs can be the catalyst you’ve been looking for to put that spark of winning energy back into your organization.  Learn More >

expressive arts team development

Discover a new way to tap your team’s brilliance.
Unlock team intelligence, increase creative expression and enhance productivity. The Inner Wealth™ process uses whole brain modalities to open and expand personal and collective effectiveness.  Learn More >
youth leadership development and youth program consulting

Youth: Engage Them, Inspire Them, Energize Them. Like never before!
You have tried the ‘usual’ ways, the typical trainings and keynotes, the regular methods. Now it’s time to ignite young people’s engagement. Go with learning that sticks, sessions that rock, experiences that change behavior, trainings that build leaders – true game changers for the very people who can impact the future in profound and powerful ways.  Learn More >