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High Performance Team Building Training

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high performance team building training

This is not superficial fluff. 
We understand, people have been subjected to cheesy role plays and insultingly facilitated BS sessions. This is the antidote to bad team building. When we say high performance team development, we mean it.  We mean real work – real team development – the stuff that actually makes people and teams get better.

We believe every team can achieve high performance.
We’ve been doing this long enough to know the commitment it requires; and the massive payoff.

High Performance can be the quest for excellence and maximum team effect, the ability to innovate, or the ability to deliver beyond expectations. With the right training, we believe every team can achieve high performance, now.

A High Performance team is not just a concept.
High Performance is a set of concrete skills available to teams who commit. The specific skills and behaviors that drive high performance can be learned by any team – by your team.

That’s why this is our primary team building program offering. People learn high performance by engaging in real skill development, not power point or lecture. Our robust, simulation-based team building process develops the behavior and deepens the understanding that yields excellence.  There’s no guess work: simulations clarify required learning and our facilitation brings the tools to develop excellence.  We’re not just about awareness; we’re about actual behavior shift.

It works like this. We meet or speak via phone to learn about you, your team, your needs, your objectives. We then design a process (programs range from 4hrs to 12 months), using customized simulations or a combination of custom simulations with our team building program options.

Your people will think differently and behave differently after working with us and we guarantee it.
We see it every time: productivity and camaraderie soar.

Your custom team building training will advance skills in: 
» Impeccable communication leading to breakthrough, success, and empowered action.
» Leadership that promotes innovation, spirited engagement, and massive productivity.
» Respect for and integration of diverse perspectives, working styles, and cultural norms.
» Sustainable system design and strategy; simultaneous awareness of process and outcomes while developing your most important resource – your people.

Talk with us about our High Performance team building training today.