5 Ways Personal Development is the Bacon of Team Building

By Solomon Masala | Team Building

Jan 14
Bacon is like team building for your personal development

Bacon is like team building for your personal developmentPersonal development is hard. It requires commitment and motivation to get started, and even more of that to keep it going. The learning curve is steep, and the successes may seem so small, what’s the point? Sim0ple: without personal development, “bringing home the bacon” just falls flat. You have to know how to cook that bacon, fry it up and make it that delicious treat people crave.
And that is a team effort, one that ultimately benefits you, personally.

5 points to ponder when it comes to the personal development benefits of team building (and bacon):

  1. Team building is a slow process where patience pays off, where each step with each person ultimately results in the taste of success.
  2. Personal development could be the determination to be better at partnerships, or to become an expert in your role on the team. Your vision for the team can hone the focus of your development.
  3. When you’re a team player, you take responsibility for the total success of the team and for how you rise to the challenge of that success.
  4. Sometimes, collaborating is recognizing that another’s skill set is a better fit for a task, so you learn to share responsibility or delegate.
  5. Leading a team and empowering their strengths is personal development put into the spotlight. (and you can shine as a super-evolved bacon aficionado).

Any activity or goal, like cooking bacon, practicing yoga or building a business requires steps in the plan and different people on the team. Each step is a chance to cultivate personal talents – each person can develops a stronger skillset for the team. That’s why WE are our BEST investment in the business game, by developing our personal skills to benefit the entire team. Each person is the core of the operation’s success – a team is only as strong as its members. And it takes development to rock the bacon.

Do you smell what we’re cookin’ over here? Need to know more about team building and your own personal development? Give us a shout and let us build you a team building experience!


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