Austin Team Building: Weird Works

By Solomon Masala | Team Building

Nov 13
Austin Team Building: Weird Works

Austin Team Building: Weird Works

Everyone knows Austin, Texas, as home of the weird. With a culture that draws people from all around the world, we have gained a reputation for attracting creative types of people looking for the best life experiences. This is partially why Austin team building is such a crucial investment for corporations: the ability to keep the “creatives” in your corporation feeling connected and inspired is directly linked to success both on and off the job.

Working as a team involves utilizing a skill set that may not come natural to all employees. Many creative thinkers lack effective communication skills, while logical thinkers may resist collaborative projects. Our Austin team building events center around three core behaviors that ensure your creative and other staff members stay connected to one another: excellent communication, collaborative action, and full accountability.

Excellent communication skills are important in any creative environment, whether one-on-one or within a group. Collaborative action translates to a more coordinated effort among creative team members. Both of these are enhanced by engaging a stronger sense of accountability and responsibility within a team. Through solidly practicing these three foundational behaviors, your creative staff can find a sense of belonging within your entire business, encouraging more innovation and better problem solving skills for everyone.

When it comes to engaging your creatives, “weird” has never had such positive connotations, especially in Austin. Ranked by Forbes as the fourth most creative city in the United States, Austin has proven to be an oasis of innovation. Austin’s team building events like ours are lucky to have captured this energy that keeps our city thriving. By guiding the creative energy found in all corporations, preserving the flow of imagination, and helping rebrand it in our own unique ways, our team building events have garnered a reputation being fun, effective and dare we say, unforgettable.


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