Bay Area Team Building Turns Employee Turnover Around!

By Solomon Masala | Team Building

Oct 08
Stop Bay Area employee turnover with team building!

As creatures of habit, it can be unnerving to get into work and see an empty desk of a co-worker. They were JUST there, we shared small talk and bagels last week! Were they fired? Did they find a new job? What will become of our shared spreadsheet?

Employee turnover can be demoralizing, shaking up the rest of your Bay Area team… and not in good ways. Even without any team building experiences, your crew still has a flavor of its own. There’s already a process in place, and when one person leaves, the team has to regroup and find a new vibe. It would be great to keep your team together, organically, and stave the employee turnover. But… how?

Maybe you should put in some experiential team building effort to ensure that your business is the business your team wants to work for, and that you are the leader they look up to.

With experiential team building programs, the members of your team become a cohesive body of motivation with critical thinking skills that are enhanced through the team dynamic. In other words, experiential team building takes your Bay Area team and gives them an environment to call their own. The team defines itself through its members’ strengths, weaknesses, wants and needs, while striving to meet the goals of your business. Team building produces a great team where the environment is one of cooperation, camaraderie and success – and that’s a vibe that’s hard to walk away from.

With the high costs of employee turnover and the impact on the remaining members of your team, investing in your Bay Area business means investing in team building. When your employees feel they have a “good thing going,” they are more likely to stay put and work for the success of your business, as well as the “feel good” environment you have provided.


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Solomon is a trainer and consultant who works with organizations and teams in a graceful, energizing, and insightful manner - transforming the individuals and the whole. Inspiring, palpable and sustainable, positive change is always a result.

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