Apr 04

Free Team Building Activities

By Solomon Masala | Team Building

Yes, free team building activities.  Are they worth it?  Yes, of course.  But first, let’s talk about why you’d even want to use team building activities. We get asked this question often.  “Since we have all this work to do, couldn’t we just get right to the business at hand?”  It’s a fair question – why do team building […]

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why do team building?
Jan 22

Why Do Organization Development?

By Solomon Masala | Team Building

Why Does Your Organization Need Development? Do a quick Google search and you’ll find lots of definitions of “Organization Development” (OD), a host of reasons why it’s necessary, and an equal number of “methods.” What is Organization Development?  Here’s a fairly generic definition: Organization Development is a planned, coordinated effort to increase an organization’s effectiveness, […]

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