Equine Leadership Training

Equine Leadership Development: Authentic Leadership Training 

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”
Sir Winston Churchill

Excellent leadership is a developed skill.  
Skills are honed with the right practice and the right feedback.  

Leaders who can stay self aware, relaxed, and attentive to their leadership energy can build essential trust quickly and respond to the rapidly changing needs of their team and organization.  Excellent leaders know how to inspire their people to high performance and innovation.  In this regard, horses are incredible leadership development trainers. 

Horses have the innate ability to read body language, sense beyond superficial cues and relate to their herd with clarity, honesty and safety.  Our facilitated equine process offers vast and immediate lessons in communication, self awareness and influence, with powerful, effective feedback, instantly relevant to the workplace.

All without ever having to mount or ride the horse.

Become a clear, concise and confident leader and take an unforgettable next step in your leadership or team development.  Call us to learn more about this remarkable training.  512.293.2400