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Kinesthetic team building is our expertise.  We’ve got 20+ years in the biz.  Share the wisdom – that’s how we roll, so here you go. Be the heroine (or hero) and rock your training with that perfect warm up, and perfect simulation for your team building session. No stale trust falls here; only solid experiential processes designed to build high performance behavior. We’ve compiled some of the best activities we know: from prop-less energizers to riveting learning simulations (using easy to get materials), you’ll completely up the game on your team building delivery with this FREE essential resource. Or get way more with the Essential PDF (only $2.99).  Build a better team today!

The Free Team Building activities eBooks These great resources contain full directions and diagrams for unique energizers, and impactful team challenge activities, as well as a quick index of skill focus for each activity.

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  • 16 powerful, innovative team challenge simulations, with fully detailed directions, plans and diagrams
  • A quick index of skill focus for each activity
  • Only $2.99

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