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Houston, TX Team Building

Our Houston team building programs are about tapping, activating and sustaining the power inherent in your team.

Without team development, without corporate training, that potential stays dormant. Without the key elements of collaboration (a skill every team must practice), your business won’t operate at maximum effectiveness. In Houston, team building is part of you success strategy.

Team Building Must Be Done

Teams only function at excellence with guidance.  Whether it’s a corporate outing, a team development session, or a leadership retreat, make the process stick with the expertise of our innovative facilitation.  Breaks in the daily routine are the perfect time to hard wire potency and high performance.  Imagine your Houston training session delivering performance enhancement results:

  • Efficiency:  Experiencing what is means to work smarter and not harder (not just using the cliche and hoping people get it).
  • Collaboration:  Accessing sustained cross functional collaboration and getting out of silos for good!
  • Effectiveness:  Nail the elements of efficiency and collaboration and you get an unstoppable team with cohesive operations.
  • Leadership: Effective team development is simultaneous with leadership development. All the elements that make powerful teams are the skills embodied by powerful leaders.

What’s the cost if you don’t?
Team development is the 30,000 mile oil change.  Think about it… If even one employee or team member kinks your collaboration, even if the whole operation doesn’t come crashing down, it will still immediately cost you.  You can still run a car with old dirty oil…but at what cost? 

  • Money
  • Market Impact
  • Output

 And when you check in at 30,00 miles, you preempt any breakdowns. Our Houston-based Team Building Experts invigorate your team – we get you back to full efficiency.

Customized Experiential Training
Humans are complex. Levels of knowledge and cooperation vary greatly from group to group.  Each business is different and each unit will have different training needs. There is no cookie-cutter approach that can work with all teams.
You’ll be tempted – it’s cheap, it’s quick.  What if your clients though of you that way?

We take the right time to develop a team building training strategy designed to up your game, in your industry, with your people. Our facilitators deliver intense, hands on, team work development.  We don’t talk at you, we get you in the process…this is how real learning, and real behavior shift happens.

When it’s experiential, your team develops to teach itself – we help establish a team culture that breeds greater teamwork. Our team of training experts facilitate the process and practical exercises for maximum effectiveness and learning.

Team Building In Houston
On location, right here in Houston
, our team is able to maximize your team development dollars. We take care of all the heavy lifting by providing the meeting facilitation and training requirements for your organization.  We can organize your corporate training at the classi
c Gardens Houston, the unique Sharespace, or the fantastic Great Silver Fleet Hangar. Or choose a venue with outdoor possibilities such as Le Jardin, Ashton Gardens, or even the Alexander Deussen Park.

Where ever you choose to do your team building in Houston, we’re ready to make it excellent, exciting, relevant, and sustainable.  Call us today: 512.293.2400.