Indoor Skydiving Team Building

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Take your team to the top: creative team building at its best! 

Your Team Will Soar.

Success in today’s high change rate environment means teams must adapt and innovate on the fly. Team members must develop skills for independent-and-coordinated action, able to stay focused and collaborative despite distractions, stress or interruptions. That’s where indoor skydiving hits all the right spots.

The SkyHigh™ indoor skydiving process cultivates the individual and group capacity for ninja-like performance.  By coupling our experiential training expertise with iFLY’s indoor flight technology, you get world class, fast and deep team development in an experience like no other!


See it in action, click here: iFly Team Building with Source Consulting Group

Program Overview
Using our expertise with simulation based training, this approach is informed by the fields of complex adaptive organizations, cognitive science, social systems design, and research on thriving in the new social business environment and emerging global economy.

Team development for better team supprt

Teams learn how to access and build necessary skills in Vital Interior™

  • Maintaining focus and effective awareness in a high change rate environment 
  • Mitigating stress and accessing high performance behavior 
  • Being capable of engaging all necessary conversations for teaming

We define “Vital” as that which is necessary, and that which is energizing to a system. Being Vital allows immediate and direct engagement with the relevant, essential, and effective action.

The 4 hour session includes:

  • Pre-training consultation with your  SkyHigh™ facilitator
  • Didactic and simulation based indoor skydiving training using proprietary material and iFly’s Wind Tunnel (Austin, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Orlando, Hollywood)
  • Flying instruction & safety training
  • Flying time (two flights), with one-on-one supervision from a highly-trained, certified instructor
  • Debriefs of flights to contextualize, concretize and sustain the learning
  • Flight videos for each team member

Take your team development to new heights and give them a training with unsurpassed impact.
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Teams build camaraderie