Inner Wealth™


Team Building for Creativity, Innovation, and Wellness in Austin, TX 

Discover a new way to do team building. The Inner Wealth tap’s team brilliance, unlocks team intelligence, increases creative expression, enhances productivity and elevates team performance.

The Inner Wealth™ process calls on various right brain modalities to expand personal and collective awareness. This is science.  Innovation and problem solving begin as non-liner processes.  Integrating the power of the right brain’s creativity with the left brain’s linear thought provides access to a wealth of perspectives not ordinarily seen. Inner Wealth sessions utilize a powerful blend of creative expression, movement, and focusing, to bring new vision, deepen team understanding and elevate team performance. The Inner Wealth™ brings new perspectives and balance between analytical and left brain oriented work.  It’s regenerative and refreshing.  And, it improves team performance.

A team functioning at its highest potential, gives its members necessary time to integrate left and right brain activity. Creativity, be it innovation or problem solving, is significantly limited when overemphasis of analysis, evaluation and judgment are present. This polarization can lead to low morale, burn out, under production and mediocrity. The typical workplace over-focuses on the left brain activity – and like any muscle, right brain strength hits atrophy when not exercised. Investing in the development of right brain strength floods teams, staff and individuals with insight, fresh perspectives and restoration of vital energy. As is true with just about everything, balance gives strength.

In Principle-Centered Leadership, Stephen R. Covey says,
“People who are excellent managers but poor leaders may be extremely well organized and run a tight ship with superior systems and procedures and detailed job descriptions [left brain]. But unless they are internally motivated, little gets done because there is no feeling, no heart [right brain]; everything is too mechanical, too formal, too tight, too protective.”

The Inner Wealth™ process provides the solution for whole brain thinking.  This becomes an advantage you give your team – access to thinking, creating, and communicating with new vigor and wider resources.  Whole brain thinking engages collective brain power; it frees your team from the traps of ‘siloing,’ and the blinders of single pointed expertise.  It allows connections to form that integrate the intelligence of the heart and shifts behavior to higher team performance – and yields deeper satisfaction.

Take time to build the Inner Wealth™ of your team.
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