OFF THEM? No, That’s Not Your Bay Area Team Building Success Story

By Solomon Masala | Team Building

Jul 10
No Murder Mystery beats our Experiential team building in the Bay Area

No Murder Mystery beats our Experiential team building in the Bay AreaWe all love a little mystery in life, and being a part of a surprise or twist ending in a novel, movie or play is fun and exciting. People throw “murder mystery” parties that let us all share the experience, but, in all of that, can you really say you feel more connected with anyone that plays those games or watches those movies?

Probably not. Murder mysteries are great entertainment and good for problem solving in that moment, but you probably aren’t taking home more than a summary of what you witnessed… an okay story to tell. Not a newly-found, team building connection.

Bay Area team building should be more about learning and growing together as a team. There’s little mystery involved, and not a bit of murder. Programs like indoor skydiving teach everyone their own unique value and where it fits (and can soar) within the team. This benefits your Bay Area business by giving your staff and employees the confidence and knowledge to fine-tune their teamwork and project those skills into any project, mission or problem solving need. When they fly, YOU fly, and that’s what successful Bay Area team building is all about.

We’re not mysterious, we like to put it all out there and show you the difference between a “team building game” and a Bay Area team building success story. It’s true that you may not “get” our programs until you’re in the mix, but, that’s a mystery we’re glad to keep alive… and we know that you, your team and your business will have more than a story at the end of the day.

So, let’s OFF that team building goal for your Bay Area business and get you started on the biggest adventure of your corporate life – building your team through experiential learning. After all, you can’t tell a great story if you’ve never had the experience.


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Solomon is a trainer and consultant who works with organizations and teams in a graceful, energizing, and insightful manner - transforming the individuals and the whole. Inspiring, palpable and sustainable, positive change is always a result.

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