New Leaders: Youth Leadership Training for These Times

It’s a new time: we need new leaders.

Source Consulting Group’s youth leadership training has evolved to meet this new time. We’ve developed a comprehensive youth leadership training: New Leaders.

New Leaders capitalize on proven wisdom – yet are not bound by constraints of convention. New Leaders are expansive, with fresh viewpoints, and take effective action. New Leaders’ minds and hearts innovate and call out the best in everyone in every moment. They express the entirety of their gifts and inspire that in others. New Leaders have the strength to stand in integrity, regardless of circumstances.

Through direct experience, accessing Multiple Intelligences, the New Leaders youth training unlocks Eight Core Skills for exceptional youth leadership and empowered development.

Download the complete overview (PDF) by clicking here.

“The students have never had an experience that taught them as much about not letting peer pressure choose the path in life for them…”
Teacher and Prevention Coordinator