On Boarding with Team Building

By Solomon Masala | Team Building

Nov 23
On Boarding with Team Building


The interview is your first team building activity.  Skills and experience are determined, and it’s the first step in evaluating a potential employee’s “fit” into an existing corporate team culture – as well as their ‘coach ability.’ New hires with the skill to establish relationships in a way that reflects the culture of the organization, ramp up to effectiveness way quicker than those who cannot.  This is critical to managing on boarding costs.

Since teamwork begins immediately, why not ensure there is alignment and connection immediately?  Team building get a bad rap because it’s often cheesy dumb games, that are supposed to in-authentically provide some kind of bonding.  No wonder people try to find every excuse to ‘be sick’ on team building day.  Trust falls anyone?  The deal though is not to avoid doing it because it’s been bad, the deal is find the right facilitation team for your team building training.

When hiring a team development facilitator, be sure they are focused on your team process moving forward – not on being liked. That they know how to support the team in doing the heavy lifting of the process, the real connecting and the learning – rather than just having fun.  Be sure they understand how to enunciate the culture for your on-boarding process and how to invite participants to embody the vision, mission and values you stand for: your culture.

If your facilitator or team-building trainer gets this, the process will become relevant, authentic and do what it’s supposed to do: get your new hires up to speed and integrated with your team in no time.  It makes for excellence in on boarding and sustainability of your team culture.


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