Phillip Moore

Phillip Moore in Austin TX 2018

We joyfully welcome Phillip Moore to Austin for two wonderful events.
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Master Educator and Education Pioneer Phillip Moore was inspired by Richard Buckminster Fuller to create a new model for educating young children. After attending Bucky’s World Game in the summer of 1970, he joined a team of idealists in Oxford, Michigan who together built and sustained a new paradigm school, Upland Hills Farm School, that recently completed its 45th year.

During his 42 years as Director of the School, Phil developed teams on the staff and board level to grow a learning community and synergetic collaboration between the staff members and school community, that transcended most traditional models of educational institutions.

In 2017, he released the book The Future of Children: Providing a Love-Based Education for Every Child, and spearheaded the development of the powerful Conscious Teachers year-long immersive training in 2015 (with support instructors such as Deepak Chopra and Dr. Shefali Tsabary).

Phil has presented throughout the world in the UK, Scotland, France, Spain, Holland, India, Japan South Africa, Italy, Canada, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and throughout the US.
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Free Podcast: Loving Children into Being, by Philip Moore
The future of education based on the principals of cooperation, empathy, and love for the Natural world.

Lessons from the Future | An Evening Gathering for Parents and Educators
Friday, November 16, 6-8pm | Austin Waldorf School: Recital Hall 
Address: 8700 S View Rd, Austin, TX 78737

“The future of our civilization and the future of the experiment called human life on earth are so intertwined with the future of children.” Phillip Moore, director of the independent Upland Hills School for over forty years, has much to offer educators, parents, indeed anyone who cares about how we are raising the next generation that will care for our world. His wisdom grew out of over four decades of direct experience with children who have been educated in a school based on love. Come connect with those who care about the future of children and be inspired towards making our community a place where children thrive even more!

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The Future of Children | A Workshop for Educators and Parents
Saturday, November 17, 1-6pm | South Austin
Location given upon registration | Max 20 Participants

Experience the new educational paradigm in ways that forge authentic inter-personal bonds, deepen intra-personal awareness, and connect with the outdoors. Join the masterful educator and riveting storyteller Philip Moore for a day of learning, laughter, and deep inspiration. This work/playshop is designed to provide experiences to awaken new ways of teaching and learning.

We’ll explore how to create an invisible field of trust and authenticity. Instead of an agenda of bullet points, we’ll begin by discovering the largest context we can create together, specifically designed for this moment. It’s a creative process guided by the synergy of the participants and by a field of consciousness that resides beyond our individual identities. Together, we’ll create a group intention, dedicated to all children on this planet, the ones that will follow and the children inside ourselves. This program is for anyone who cares about how we are raising and educating the next generation.

Scholarships and sliding scale available! Email:
Location provided upon registration.

Thank you so much for your interest, the event has reached capacity.