Team Building Consulting in San Rafael California

San Rafael Team Building

Good team building delivers solid organizational structure. Just as a solid foundation supports the walls, beams and posts giving a structure integrity, team building training provides the foundation, for the supporting beams or posts (the dedicated leaders) can stand. Our team building consulting in San Rafael, California delivers the unshakeable foundation teams need for excellent communication and seamless collaboration.

Simply put, our San Rafael – based team building training is designed for your team to rock. You already have the talent there; we bring the tools for alignment, efficiency, innovation, and emotional intelligence – these guarantee brand strength. When team members access critical thinking with creativity while engaging crystal clear communication, you win and that’s what we work tirelessly to ensure.

We’re all about Marin. Head to the Mill Valley Community Center for a perfect team building day. Or get inspired by the richness and natural beauty of the Marin Art and Garden Canter. Stay close to home on the extraordinary campus of the Dominican University and the ready to roll ACE Conference Room. Go for the extra adventure at The Fork. We’ve got you covered for locations in Marin.

Cut the drag, drama and bad habits. Get your people skilled at resolving tough dialogues. Generate real willingness to self reflect, drop pettiness and be fully accountable. That’s a high trust team…and high trust means speed to get the real work done.  Our team building training develops your people’s collaboration muscles – giving you a team with marketplace agility.

Developing camaraderie, the mental and social ability to recover quickly from tough situations – these are skills, they can be learned – and they must be practiced. The more expertise your people have with these high performance behaviors, the more inspired your customers will be – the more successful your business.

How much do the daily teaming breakdowns cost? Especially since they tend to lurk unresolved in the background (and only show when already precarious), you finally see it when productivity suffers and that costs lost time, lost engagement. And breaks trust. We train your people to deal with this in the moment – to catch and resolve issues before they are fires. Then you can use your energy to develop business, inspire customers and clients – actually keep moving your business forward.

You are our focus. We take the time to prepare and provide training that meets your needs, the specific needs of your company and your group. That matters to us; this is never a canned process boilerplated for anyone. We listen and with you, develop and agenda for team building that ensures our expertise is being put to work for the rock solid foundation of your success.  

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