Team Building, Employee Engagement and Bringing Success to Your Business

By Solomon Masala | Team Building

Jul 23
Team building for employee engagement and business success

Team building for employee engagement and business successDo you know what it takes to grow a business? There’s plenty of advice about marketing plans, business strategy, online endeavors and even the location of your company. But, when it comes down to it, all businesses have one thing in common: employees.

Even you, working from a coffee hut with free WiFi, are an employee of your business.

That being said, with the common ground of employees, it’s pretty obvious that some managers and business owners “do” employee engagement better. Maybe it is a personality issue, or natural leadership skills. Of course, some employees just WANT to work with more productivity or motivation… it is part of the fun of the job. Others, just want a paycheck and the satisfaction of clocking out at the end of the day.

In those cases, obviously the successful company has the employees who jump at the chance to conquer new challenges and who live to shine throughout the work day. There must be some secret to that difference in attitude, where employees are happy with a paycheck, but, even happier with a job well done.

Employee engagement.

Team building is essential for employee engagement because it helps the different people understand their roles, strengths and weaknesses, as well as those aspects of others on the team. With office team building activities and games, those lessons are learned through the experiences that are shared. But, there is more. Employee engagement helps increase company loyalty and reduce employee turnover. When a person loves where they work, they want to do better and stay there longer. That means that when an employee is happy, they give back to the business in more ways than just “showing up,” and will continue to do so.

Increasing employee engagement happens outside of paychecks and bonuses. As humans, we all have a natural affinity for social activities. That includes being in a social structure at work with rewards that can only be discovered through team building programs, and  that continue to grow the “engagement factor” long after those games have ended. Step up your leadership skills, find a way to incorporate unique team building activities into your strategy for employee engagement, and then sit back and watch your business grow.


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