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You’re not here for fancy words and fluffy consultant speak. You’re here for real team change and real acceleration. That’s what we do. We’ll help you now.
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Ultimately, every leader wants their team to rock. We help get you there. We deliver the team building training where teams up-level, maximize their skill and sustain success. This means behavior changes. We get your people to want to drop the drama and bad habits – and then give them skills to actually do it.

It’s far beyond fun and games – it’s rigor for deep development based in simulations and our honed skills in holding people accountable to their excellence.

We know…team building can be lame – lukewarm ideas in a handout, boring talking head with PowerPoint slides, or at best, non-relevant, silly activities thrown together. What we deliver is radically different: deep learning and long-lasting behavioral shifts happen throughout the process, with powerful interactive tools to get teams rocking and sustain learning. Really want your team to change? Call us.

We Make This Easy For You
Agenda, Location, Process: we’ll help coordinate every element of your training.
A free 30 minute call is all. We’ll design and organize the team building to meet your every objective.
Call Now: Solomon Masala | 512.293.2400 | solomon(at)sourceconsultinggroup(dot)com.
We work on these pain points.  We guarantee breakthrough.  And our clients agree. 

How We Do It
We provide real results based in a process, not a package. Others ‘instruct’ from a podium; we facilitate interactive learning. Others offer good ideas and raise awareness; we hard-wire concrete skills and behaviors for excellence – in real time.

Our training is simulation based and experiential. When your people directly engage learning, it sticks. It’s the foundation for high performance training, and it’s what we live by. We work with powerful off-site training venues in Austin and every city in which we work, and can bring our simulations and kinesthetic processes directly to your location.

Leadership and team development are synchronous processes. We help you establish a culture where leaders are trustworthy, effective, and engaging, and where team members align, innovate, and commit. We help you make this the everyday experience, not just a training high. Our clients experience permanent positive changes in vital relationships and teamwork – resulting in measurable increases in impact. We want to help make this happen for you.

Here are the 4 most critical skills teams need to succeed, according to over 2,000 managers and executives surveyed in the American Management Association’s Critical Skills Survey:

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Collaboration skills
  • Creativity and innovation skills

Despite the clear data, most organizations fail to develop these skills in their people. Read that again.
It takes conscious effort and focus to develop these skills. Otherwise, teams risk thinking and acting from the lowest common denominator behavior. It’s up to you – as leader, manager, executive, business owner – to provide the necessary context for these skills to emerge, grow and evolve. This is what a winning team culture is all about: fostering and reinforcing team excellence.

When you need to know you’re doing real team building and skill development with elegant design, uniquely relevant to your people and with deep, sustained impact, call us. We guarantee our program delivery satisfaction.

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Whether in Austin, TX, San Francisco or across the U.S., a good team building program will move your team process forward. By the end of any session, be it 2 hours or 2 days, your team will be better than when they began. That’s what we do for you… it’s just how we work.

Don’t drag or coast when you can fly. We help you develop the team that soars: your team.

We’re ready to help you get started, no need to wait! Contact us today; let’s get your team rockin.