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Maximize the Power of Your Team: Cultivate the Individual Talent

The power of an excellent team is always trumps individual effort.  Yet, don’t sacrifice individual talent– it’s the building block of team power.  High Performance teams nurture individual talents by creating a context for them to flourish in collaboration with the whole.  While it’s not about ‘hot-dogging’ you do want a team of collaborative bad-asses.

Our San Francisco-based Team Building and Meeting Facilitators develop the team you envision.

It’s experiential training.  By experiential, we ensure individuals get hands-on, real-time practice they need to convert training ideas into high performance behaviors.  Through simulations, teams get relevant, direct feedback on what works and instant learning for improvement.  It’s not just good ideas saved for later, it’s learning that takes place right now – that makes it sustainable.  We’d rather deliver executable action than talk at you all day.  And, we’re right in your backyard.

Whether it’s professional meeting facilitation, training or senior leadership development, we manage the details and the design allowing you to focus on the process.  Need access to the Cable Cars, Chinatown and the airport?  We’ll set up at AMA’s San Francisco Executive Conference CenterHow about a creative convergence for your team’s learning process?  Let us arrange a training at the unique Billy’s CribOr do your team building differently at the California Academy of Sciences.  Get outside for some powerful simulations and challenges in San Francisco or Marin – we’ll set up an unforgettable program at the Point Reyes or the Marin Headlands.

In the American Management Association’s 2010 Critical Skills Survey, 2,115 managers and executives (across a spectrum of industries) detailed the critical skills teams really need to succeed.

  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Collaboration skills
  • Creativity and innovation skills

Despite the data, most organizations never spend time developing these skills!  Think about it – are these this skills you are building?

Nurture the Individual Talent of Your San Francisco Team

  • Develop Efficiency: Creativity and critical thinking lead to innovation and lead to efficiency; people that can actually ‘think different’ can work ‘smarter not harder.’  Most organizations crush innovation with control.
  • Develop Communication: Harness the power of listening and the ability to name, hold and resolve tough conversations.  Most teams never develop the skill to have robust candor – to high performance teams, tough conversations are really no big deal.
  • Develop Collaboration: When individuals express an authentic willingness to team with others, the team process becomes unstoppable.  When pettiness is gone, trust soars – learning on the fly is possible, and team agility expands – now we can get things done!

Each of the above skills is personal.  Get a team with individuals behaving this way and you win.  Our team development training in the Bay Area focuses on the individual as the core to the team success.  By deepening a person’s skills to connect and collaborate, the team impact is exponential.

A Team of Seasoned, Corporate Trainers
With a commitment to your excellence and the passion behind high performance, our professional facilitators bring twenty years of experience to train your people.  We know the power of team and believe in the power of individuals as a team.  Leverage your impact with our expertise today.  Call us. 512.293.2400