Team Building the Witty Voice of Your San Francisco Business

By Solomon Masala | Team Building

Nov 12
Fun, witty, experiential team building in San Francisco

Success in marketing today requires plenty of patience, strategy… and wit. Commercials on TV and the radio runneth over with jokes and quips, and social media is full of funky, quirky marketing campaigns. Marketing your business means that these trends should be reflected in the team you have at work; those you trust behind the scenes who follow up with customers and clients and directly communicate with your audience. But, not everyone starts their career knowing how to banter or walk the fine line between snark and excellent customer service or client relations. In fact, you may not even know where that line is.

Experiential team building is essential for developing the “voice” of your business or brand. At any point, a customer or client could require the assistance of any member of your team, and if y’all aren’t on the same page, that “customer experience” could break down, or, at least, fail to create an impression. That does not mean your team has to be snarky or witty, but, it does mean your team needs to build the collective voice together as a united force of communication with the outside world.  Welcome to success, San Francisco, let’s get to building your voice.

Developing this voice is not as difficult as you think. San Francisco may have a pretty groovy vibe, but, that does not mean that we all think, act or speak the same, and that’s where team building begins to work its magic. Think about it: each member of your team will answer a typical customer service question differently, but, when you work on it all together, with experiential team building activities, that voice is the sum of the collective wit and wisdom of your team. You are building your San Francisco business “voice” through a chorus of snark and intellect.

Maybe the “voice” of your business is not the number one path to success, but, it sure is a big part of things. Whether you are just starting out, dealing with employee turnover, or just want to shine up what is already working, team building a new “bit” for your San Francisco business will bring results, and give your team the sparkle, shine and wit needed for success.


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Solomon is a trainer and consultant who works with organizations and teams in a graceful, energizing, and insightful manner - transforming the individuals and the whole. Inspiring, palpable and sustainable, positive change is always a result.