High Performance Team Building Training

high performance team building training

High Performance Team Building

Revolutionize the way you work. Really.
SCG High Performance Team Trainings are not just about awareness; in our trainings, actual behavior shifts happen – and last.

We understand.  You’re seeking to re-set the dial on an under-functioning team, wanting to spot and build strengths, to fill communication gaps, to eliminate “pain.”  This is where SGC comes in.  We’re not just about awareness; we’re about actual, real-time behavior shifts.  Teams learn High Performance not by power point or lecture, but by engaging in our robustly focused, created-for-you simulations.  SGC simulation-based team building training develops the behavior and deepens the understanding that yields high functioning. There is no guess work in our work; SCG simulations bring about the vital learning focus.  SCG facilitation gives teams the real-time tools for developing and moving forward with excellence.

Team development that works 
When we say high performance team development, we mean robust, hands on, participant engaged training using simulations and kinesthetic processes that deliver lasting skills, based in science. We bring your people and teams to a level of excellence they, and you, want to  reach – the high-skill behaviors you and your people want to know and actually do:
> Communicate clearly and openly, in every situation, for empowered action and effective coordination
> Bring bold creativity and intelligent innovation to problem solving
> Bring a generous spirit of collaboration to team process
> Bring impeccability, engagement and discretionary effort to every element of work

Program Options


Entry level process for an up to 4 hour (half-day) program

Infuse ignites behavior change and thinking shifts; in just 4 hours you will see your training objectives activated.

Local Program Cost >
$800 | plus expenses
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Intermediate length process for an up to 8 hour (full day) program

Engage deepens the learning process and sets the stage for sustained excellence and high performance to emerge.

Local Program Cost >
$1300 | plus expenses
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Comprehensive process for an up to 3-day program

Transform unlocks your team’s power; it generates the energy for enterprise-wide activation of a truly successful, high performance culture.

Local Program Cost >
$1200/day | plus expenses
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Let’s go for easy – we can coordinate of every element of team building for you.

Within 30 minutes, we can coordinate the experience you want, and meet your objectives:
Solomon Masala | 512.293.2400 | solomon(at)sourceconsultinggroup(dot)com.
We also guarantee it.

People learn high performance by engaging in real skill development, not power point or lecture. Our robust, simulation-based team building process develops the behavior and deepens the understanding that yields excellence.  There’s no guess work: simulations clarify required learning and our facilitation brings the tools to develop excellence.  We’re not just about awareness; we’re about actual behavior shift.

Your people will think differently and behave differently after working with us and we guarantee it.
We see it every time: engagement, productivity and camaraderie soar.

Infuse, Engage or Transform | Your team building training will advance skills in: 
» Impeccable communication for successful, empowered action – things get done: no more finger pointing and petty drama.
» Leadership promoting innovation, spirited engagement, and massive productivity – respected leaders that build momentum.
» Honor for and integration of diverse perspectives, working styles, and cultural norms – cultures of inclusivity.
» Sustainable systems and strategy: total awareness of process and outcomes that support your most important resource – your people.

Here’s How it Works: The Elements of Excellent Training

We meet in person or via phone to listen and learn about you, your team, your needs, your objectives.
Then we design for your total success. The following proven elements of excellence are built into every program.

Introducing the ideas and facts pertinent to the skills – building readiness
Education puts the facts in place – makes the case, readies the intellect.

Practicing information/skills in simulation-based training – relevance and synthesis
Training tees-up the skill development (behavior change) through use of simulations using customized simulations or a combination of custom sims with our other team building program options.
(Education and training overlap.)

Receiving ‘in the moment’ support to bring the information/skills to work – sustainability
Coaching assures the skills are functionally integrated and practiced in the day-to-day workplace reality. Though clients may see coaching as optional, we see even more real results take root with this step.
Talk with us about our High Performance team building training today.

Looking for team building in Austin and Central Texas for your small business? We’re the ones to call. 

We believe every team can achieve high performance. We know the commitment it requires and the massive payoff. High Performance can be the quest for excellence and maximum team effect, the ability to innovate, or the ability to deliver beyond expectations. With the right training, we believe every team can achieve high performance, now.

A High Performance team is not just a concept.
High Performance is a set of concrete skills available to teams who commit. The specific skills and behaviors that drive high performance (communication, collaboration, problem solving) can be learned by any team – by your team. Training gets them there.

What People Say…
Working with Solomon and Source Consulting Group has been the greatest decision we have made with regards to creating company culture that is more connected, aligned, and in partnership with one another. Solomon has helped create a work environment and a team dynamic that allows us to move through any and all situations that arise. We simply would not be where we are today without his guidance, support, and wisdom. With so many options for team members in today’s workplace its vital to create a great company culture, don’t let your opportunity pass you by to work with Solomon and his team and become the company you have always wanted to be.
Zach Balle | President, Hug It Forward
As of 12/15 Hug It Forward has built 70 schools out of trash in Guatemala and El Salvador