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The people matter. Our team engages skilled facilitators, with a deep and sustained commitment to excellence and service. Our own development is a constant; we seek feedback and reflection, and have an enduring commitment to evolution.  We stay at our leading edge, so we can help you at yours.

What people say…
When I think of Solomon, I think of the word transformational. Solomon is a leader who partners with an organization or a team in a graceful, guiding, and insightful manner that transforms the individual and the whole as well. Positive change and inspiration are always a result of the interaction.

Lisa M. Reynolds Ph. D. | System Director Talent Management | CHRISTUS Health

Team development and team building facilitation

Ask about ‘team building’ and most people will roll their eyes. For K. Solomon Masala that was unacceptable, so he created the Source Consulting Group. Tapping into 25 years of experience and an engaging magnetism, Solomon delivers the antidote to the usual team development. He’s pioneered a captivating blend of experiential, innovative processes designed to get teams to do what they really want: tap excellence, have an inspiring time doing it, and sustain breakthrough learning for the long run.

Solomon’s not the person to call if you want a Power Point training. His programs are powerful kinesthetics – meaning people get up out of their seats, they experience, they engage, and they ‘do’ what’s being learned. Learning not only sticks and keeps expanding after the training, excellence gets hard-wired.

Solomon brings this energy into everything: organizational development processes, interactive keynotes, corporate adventure experiences, and large scale percussion programs. And, he designs and develops multimedia curricula and interactive presentations on a national level.

Solomon believes in invigoration and vitality are learning tools – add that to the research and data on what works and you actually have relevant training. It’s instantly effective team development, ushering groups through the hard work of deepening and expanding excellence, and inspiring them to celebration.

True to form, Solomon keeps it active – he’s trained and facilitated leadership development in almost every sector for over 20 years. What’s he do for fun? He’s the first X8 Drums endorsed rhythm program facilitator, a Meinl Viva Rhythms Facilitator and produced and directed the powerful Interactive Theatrical Experience: Za Boom BaHe’s the published author of two international classic rhythm education books,Rhythm Play! and 1, 2, Let’s All Groove,” and as recording artist, has released three albums. Solomon is also the designer and inventor of the Twister Drum, the world’s only truly ‘collapsible’ and compact-able djembe drum.

What people say…
“Solomon is an exceptional consultant who provides insights and guidance into the quality of work and performance in the corporate world. His understanding and comprehensive strategic mind helps individuals and teams create alternative effective paths to professional excellence.”
Gwyneth Lloyd | Executive Director, World Ventures Foundation

What people say…
“Solomon’s innovative team building skills are unique and refreshing. He leads the team in strengthening communication building consensus and collaboration. His training is fresh, innovative and inspirational.  I had to keep paring this down because there are so many positives you bring to the table! When I reread what I wrote, I realized you bring more than words can say…”
Lauraine Rizer | Director, City of Austin Real Estate 

Team development and team building facilitator

Gabriela Masala, M.A., (Co-Founder and Director) is an energetic and creative, facilitator and team development consultant. Her approach is holistic, compassionate and evolutionary. Gabriela creates a community context for authentic expression and transformation. She is a change agent and visionary.  Her diverse clients speak highly of her vitality, honesty and loving presence. She weaves program designs to catalyze client breakthroughs and maximize emergent group intelligence and harmonization.

Her organizational development consultation draws inspiration from her practice of Process Oriented World Work, developed by Arnold MindellHer studies in culture, evolutionary spirituality and consciousness movements have honed her ability to work with group field dynamics effectively honoring individual growth while serving the health of the whole.  Gabriela developed Ubuntu in The Workplace(tm), a groundwork for shifting systems/cultures by mapping intricacies of interconnection and unity as components of sustainable, functional success.

Gabriela is a lover of life, art, nature, humanity and cosmology. Her immersion in cross cultural wisdom traditions, transpersonal psychologies and quantum physics also inform her life and work.  She is a long time student and facilitator of several schools of Yoga, dance, Martial, Healing  and Expressive Arts (with East/West inclusion). Gabriela is a musical artist/vocalist and published author of The Inner Wealth, and One Love Nuggets. Gabriela serves on the advisory team for The Amala Foundation, a global  humanitarian organization.  She is the choreographer/creative director for ZaBoomBa, Interactive Theatrical Production Gabriela served on the founding staff of The Chopra Center for Well Being, on the Fitness and Movement Therapy  teams for Canyon Ranch Health Resort, was the director of Yoga and Movement for the internationally acclaimed Shape Your Life(tm) Programs and cofounder of BodyVida, Expressive Arts and Movement.
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David Armistead (Managing Principal) is also the founder and Managing Principal of Social Web Strategies LLC (Austin, TX), Since 2000 he has focused on developing an understanding of the deep connections linking operating sustainability of business, community and environment with the emergence of powerful new social computing and communication technologies, seeking to make sense of how organizations may adapt and thrive in the new business environment. He is an established thought leader in these areas and presents frequently on social business and sustainability.
Prior to Social Web Strategies David gained extensive consulting experience in business strategy, business intelligence, financial investigations, and economic development working independently and at Coopers & Lybrand (now PriceWaterhouseCoopers) and Laventhol & Horwath. His experience includes work with national and small business firms in banking, law, manufacturing, food, and consumer products, and with agencies of federal, tribal, state and local government. David presently also serves as a consulting Principal with Clear Light Consultancy LLC (Austin, TX), and on the boards of the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems (CMPBS – Austin, TX), and Solar Austin (Austin, TX). And through all these organizations he seeks to support senior leadership in making the successful transition of their organizations into the new global business environment. He has an MBA (finance) from the University of Texas at Austin, and a BS (biosciences) from Texas Tech University. And recent presentations by Mr. Armistead have included SXSW Interactive (2008, 2009, 2010), Innotech (2008), World Futures Society Austin (2008), the National Council on Science and the Environment (annual conference 2010), and the International Society of Logistics (annual conference 2010).
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Maketa Wilborn is a national corporate and youth development trainer and team development consultant.  He designs and facilitates team development, leadership, strategic visioning, community drumming and equity trainings. Maketa doesn’t approach any situation or problem sitting down…and within minutes, neither is the rest of the group! Organizations call Maketa when they want tangible outcomes achieved through spirited and energized sessions.  One client says of Maketa:

“Magical” is the word I would use to describe…the energy you were able to harness.  You inspired a room full of our best employees and leaders to swing to the rhythm of [our company’s] values so others will move in time with them.”

Using his experience as an educator, facilitator and artist he employs an inquiry-based team development approach that effectively draws out the collective knowledge of the group, inspires creative problem-solving and participation, and creates space for authentic connections across difference.  As a graphic facilitator and recorder, he supports the group process with visual mapping that allows them to SEE where they’ve been and create a clear vision for the future. _____________________________________________________________________________________Raven_Wells
Raven Wells is a business consultant, life coach and kick-ass trainer. He has facilitated workshops, groups/communities, businesses and individuals for over 15 years. Former experience includes: a private psychotherapy practice (where he become known as a leading expert in trauma therapy and recovery), facilitation of various back-country programs, an array of business/entrepreneurial adventures and leading workshops on trauma, men’s work and group dynamics. Raven is a two-time cancer survivor, yoga practitioner, outdoor lover and co-parent. For years now, his central focus has been the art and science of sustainable, evolutionary groups and organizations. His passions lie in facilitating groups to maximize their collective intelligence while supporting individuals to expand their range and capacity across the full spectrum of humanity – from the personal to the spiritual.

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