Tough Conversations made Easier: Breakthrough Conversations

breakthrough conversations

Unresolved Issues: the perfect recipe for drama.

The inability to have the tough conversations for resolution means the drama just stays.
A Globis survey of 200 managers found that over half (56%) avoid difficult conversations because they lack the training or experience for handling those situations. It doesn’t have to be that way.
Drama isn’t always doors slamming, arguing and high emotion; it’s also backroom scheming, passive-aggressive dialogue, pretense, and the elephant just staying in the room.

“Toleration (‘putting up with’) is implicit approval.”
When behavior that negatively impacts a team is ignored, it’s essentially “approved.”
People tolerate too many dysfunctional behaviors in the workplace simply because they lack skills to hold the conversations that can actually change things. When issues stay unresolved, innovation stifles, trust erodes, engagement and productivity wanes.

Train your people to use our time-tested, science-based, real-world relevant process, and engage the skills for successfully navigating tough conversations and situations. We’ve designed a process anyone can learn, any team can do. And it’s not just knowledge, it’s experience with practice: your team leaves the training trained to take action.

Build a drama-proof team, so your people focus on what really matters: a successful culture that drives a successful business.

  • Explore proven practices to get the brain and body trained for conflict resolution.
  • Practice science-based strategies for keeping dialogues on track.
  • Discover how to build cultures of breakthrough in challenging situations.

Skillfully handling tough conversations is critical for leaders and teams. This training offers concrete, practical guidelines for holding the tough conversations everyone faces. While most processes only deal with the words, this training gets the neurology tuned for success. Participants leave with practices and pragmatic steps for being more skillful in hard conversations, and a personal map towards mastery.

Set your team up for maximum success with Brain-Based, Interactive training (even virtually!):

•  Data: Provides the science (physiology/psychology) behind the techniques
•  Experiential: Simple, immediately relevant/useful tools for concrete practice
•  Behavior Change: Skills to re-wire old habits into new behaviors
•  Success: Equips your people with respect and courage
•  Leverage: Provides a foundation to utilize skills in all facets of team process

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