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By Solomon Masala | Team Building

Dec 13
Austin team building takes the suck out of your business

As a business owner, manager or human resources professional, one of your hardest jobs is hiring people to make a company run. No, wait: you don’t want a business to simply run (just about any warm body can do that!), you need to hire people who can make your company rock.

Team building and training is the potent solution for developing a team that rocks. It ensures that a team’s default behaviours don’t lead to suckage.

The challenges of hiring reliable people are tough enough. Add to that the process of hiring several people to form a functionally aligned team, and THAT is a challenge. Somehow, you’re supposed to get those different people and personalities to work together – and work with you – to achieve greatness. By focusing solely on Austin team building (it is more cost effective to hire locally!), you’ve probably met all types coming for an interview (we do keep it wonderfully weird in Austin). Then once hired, you have to ensure each individual can roll with the team and that everyone gets their work done – THAT can be exhausting.

That exhaustion part is the main reason a team may not ever reach its potential (or why a team might just suck). Because of the massive effort, energy and angst that it takes to just hire and onboard people to build a business team, most just give up and accept less than stellar results. Too many organizations feel that if people are at least getting the job done and the place doesn’t burn down… well, good enough.

Don’t settle for a team that is merely good enough. Not in today’s market, or in Austin!

That’s why Austin team building is essential, despite the stress you may feel. It lets you take a break, and expertly builds your team into what it really can be: a skilled and smoothly functioning machine of excellence. Think of it as “unsuckable” insurance.

Here are the core skills your Austin team needs to develop, that most teams (and individuals) just don’t have:

  1. Communication coordination. Communication isn’t just talking or sending an e-mail, it is actively listening, engaging with others and creating highly coordinated and successful action towards your goals.
  2. Keeping up the collaboration. A team doesn’t just stop playing in the middle of a game if things get tough. Train your team to double down, count on each other, innovate and continue collaborate to the finish line, especially when things are challenging.
  3. Be responsible and accountable. Each member has a job, task or role that’s their responsibility, requiring effective accountability and real support from other team members to get the job done. It’s the powerful combo of accountability and interdependence that makes a team win. You have to train a team to hardwire this behavior.

Team building in Austin doesn’t have to be exhausting, and your team certainly doesn’t have to suck. With Austin’s unique vibe, there are endless opportunities to create a team that fulfills your business goals, while still allowing the personalities in your team to shine through. Don’t throw in the towel on your team building – train ‘em! Give us a call; we’ll show you how easy it is to turn the suck into triumphant success.

Let’s show the world what Austin team building can do for your business. Give us a shout today to learn more about our programs to boost your business!


About the Author

Solomon is a trainer and consultant who works with organizations and teams in a graceful, energizing, and insightful manner - transforming the individuals and the whole. Inspiring, palpable and sustainable, positive change is always a result.