Youth Development: Character Building and Emotional Intelligence

youth leadership, character building and emotional intelligence development

San Francisco Youth Development: Character Building and Emotional Intelligence 

In our youth leadership development, Character Building and Emotional Intelligence is a natural part of our interactive programming.

Focused character building fosters ethical, responsible, and caring young people by modeling and teaching behavior through an emphasis on universal values. Character building is the intentional, proactive focus on values such as respect for self and others, responsibility, integrity, and self-discipline. These skills are core for developing emotional intelligence.

SEL, (Social and emotional learning – EQ) focuses on developing attitudes and skills for managing emotions, achieving goals, developing empathy, maintaining healthy relationships, and making responsible decisions. These skills are critical to academic and life success and are built through engagement in pro-social activities in and out of the classroom. Our interactive training  programs provide a direct experience and a totally fun learning context where youth build positive values and pro-social skills, and feel inspired to live their highest character.

Our youth leadership skills development trainings are unforgettable: they are completely kinesthetic – hands on, interactive and energizing from start to finish. No eye rolling, not a minute to be bored –  it’s youth leadership development they way you want it to be: exciting, engaging, inspiring.

Programs range from 2-hour sessions or 3-day retreats to multi-day summits – and Our interactive keynotes blow the roof off!  

Youth First!™ programs nail the current issues in youth development with processes that work.  Our facilitators excel in building immediate rapport and trust with youth of all ages – and fully engaging them in learning.

Clients include community organizations (non-profit/for-profit), schools, foundations, and government institutions. We train youth and adults who work with youth.

Click here for the Adult Training Overview (PDF).
Click here for the Youth Leadership Training Overview.  

Customized Programs Can Include:

  • High and low ropes courses and initiative experiences | Indoor and outdoor
  • Indoor sky diving
  • Interactive drumming and percussion
  • Peer to peer process development
  • Outdoor adventure: biking, hiking, caving, trekking, rock climbing, camping
  • Yoga / Movement for fitness and development
  • Expressive arts 

social emotional development

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Program development and design 
    Including Youth Philanthropy program development
  • Leadership skill building / development
  • Curriculum development and design
  • Prevention skills development
  • Group and community building and cohesion
  • Effective conflict resolution
  • Action planning and goal setting
  • Excclent communication skills development
  • Consensus decision making