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Go for unstoppable excellence.
Beyond good, beyond great.
Go beyond the confines of what you think your team can do.
We’ll show you how to do it.

Get The Gold

Every team can be a champion.
But it’s just jargon until you make it real.
Don’t settle for mediocrity, train your team for the success you envision. Make It Real.


Expertise focused on your success, period.
Our commitment: Doing the real work to cultivate your robust culture for your sustained success. You’ll love us, but in the end it’s about your team rockin’ it.

Real Experience

Relevant, pragmatic, effective.
Process-based results, not a package.
We facilitate learning. We build skills and behavior to move you forward in the real world. That’s team development.

Team Development

Ultimately, every team wants to rock. We create the teambuilding training contexts where teams learn to ignite and sustain success and maximize their talent.  This means behavior changes.  Get your team to drop the drama and bad habits. Trust + Communication Skill + Coordination Ability = Excellent Team.  We get you there.

We’re based in the San Francisco area, but that doesn’t stop us from coming to you. In fact, we jump at the opportunity to bring our unique team building programs to businesses and organizations in Oakland, San Rafael and Santa Rosa, California.

Still too far away for high performance team building? We’re also available in Seattle, WA and Phoenix, AZ. Plus, we’ve got a lot of love for our friends in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, Texas.

Whether you need communication training in Seattle, team development in Phoenix or a whole lot of management motivation in Texas, we’ve got you covered from the Bay Area to the heart of Houston and beyond.



High Performance: not just a concept ideal reached by an elite few. It’s a reality based on concrete, specific skills available to any team that is willing to commit. Make the commitment. Learn More >


Radical perspective shift to elevate your team development, maximize impact and deepen alignment. Take your team development process to new heights with unforgettable team building training. Learn More >

Five Bar Connect™

You want all the bars when your people communicate. Whether it’s managing tough conversations or dialogues for accountability, get communication skills training for seamless excellence. Learn More >


Explosive, cutting edge, original, innovative, and that’s just scratching the surface. Interactive drumming programs ignite vital energy in your entire organization. Learn More >


Tap your team’s genius. Get to the heart of it.
Unlock team intelligence, maximize innovation and creative expression. The Inner Wealth™ process uses whole brain modalities to expand personal and collective brilliance. Learn More >


You can have fancy systems, big concepts and nifty slides. But it comes down to people. What’s their passion, do they actually care, is this is for the money or for the impact?  For us, it’s the way we live and the way we bring our gifts to the world.  The power to catalyze transformations and bring uplift to every situation.  It’s why we do what we do.

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    Solomon Masala
    Bringing refreshing honesty and authenticity to the world of training and consulting, Solomon's been rockin' powerfully relevant team development for...
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  • Team development and team building facilitator
    Gabriela Masala
    With powerfully keen intuition, Gabriela's skilled facilitation ignites discovery, gets to the heart of it, and puts teams on...
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Stoked Clients

We make bold statements about our work. Our intent is to reach the heart of your interest and inquiry. And, don’t take our word for it; read what our clients say.



[Source Consulting Group] has a wealth of expertise in the areas of experiential learning, leadership development, and group dynamics. […] the results were outstanding. Many participants said it was the best learning experience of their professional lives.


I repeat, WOW!  You helped launch what turned out to be a very successful learning/working/growing experience. Thank you so much.

The City of Austin, Real Estate Division

[…]  we’re well aware of the value that an expert consultant can bring… […] after experiencing what Source Consulting brought to the table, you’ve turned every skeptic into a believer! Kudos to a job well done Source Consulting Group!!!

Methodist Hospital System

You did an excellent job of meeting our objectives and tying in our vision, values, experiences, etc. It was way more than FABULOUS!!

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