Team Building Training

An organization: a team of people working together. Period.

Our total focus is activating your team's excellence in coordination and communication - in today's high change rate environment. Our expertise is experiential team building processes that develop relevant skills.


  • High Velocity Teaming(tm)
  • SCG|iFly Indoor Skydiving
  • X8 Interactive Drumming
  • Inner Wealth
  • Youth First

Consulting Approach

Trust, communication, engagement, team work: all relational words. Robust relationships yield robust communication; robust relationships yield robust engagement…you get the picture. Our consulting and facilitation builds the context for excellent, robust relationships. It's how we help you win.

Our approach involves you, our client in the discovery process. While, we bring particular expertise to bear, ultimately the shift you experience must be fully owned by you and your people – then, it’s sustainable.


Team Building Blog

Organizational development, culture change, team building - others do this for work. We do it because it's our passion. Here, we share what we've learned and discovered - and make it a resource for you.

Check in often; you'll find potent team building info, inspiration from our explorations, and cutting edge reports from the field - all designed to help you.


Consulting Successes

Our clients bring us their challenges, and we succeed in meeting them - together.

Success Stories