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Team building is the key to transforming your business. It’s not candy-coated fun, a day at the spa or worthless consultant rhetoric. Team building should build strengths, fill gaps, and eliminate the headaches of managing motivation and increasing productivity at work. As “team players” ourselves, we get it… we have the tools to bring it to you.

It’s not the usual fun and games – it’s rigor for deep development based in simulations and our honed skills in holding people accountable to their excellence.

We deliver team building right here in Austin, Texas. Of course, we travel the country – Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Seattle, L.A.?  We’ve got you covered. Get right to our training options here.

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Source Consulting Group (SCG) takes your current staff, employees and corporate team through process, not package, turning them into powerhouses of teamwork, motivation and success. With our experiential learning programs for team building, we help develop behavior and set a context for employee and team excellence in the corporate world.

Our team building programs build cultures for high-trust, emotionally intelligent, accountable, effective leadership. We build cultures where team members are aligned, innovative, inspired and committed – every day, not just that fleeting “high” after a motivational workshop or seminar.

Why do we work this way? Tony Robbins nailed it: “…information without emotion isn’t retained.” Call us for sustained learning: 512.293.2400

See our training options here.

Below is a quick snapshot of our services we offer, just a few of the many possibilities to engage, grow and build the team you envision. These are only highlights: we customize and design our programs to nail your specific objectives, every time. We do the research and the legwork to build your team; you get to enjoy the results.


team building program overview

High Performance is more than a concept. It’s more than an ideal reached by an elite few.
Want mind-blowing results? High Performance is a set of concrete team building skills and a process that creates change. Learn More >

team building with indoor sky diving

Elevate your team development for sustained impact.
Take your team development process to new heights with the innovative Source2/iFly Indoor Skydiving training.
 Learn More >

team building with interactive drumming

Explosive, cutting edge, original, innovative… and that’s just scratching the surface. 
Interactive Drumming programs are a powerful catalyst for igniting deep alignment and unstoppable spirit.  Learn More >

expressive arts team development

Discover a new way to tap your team’s brilliance.
Unlock team intelligence, increase creative expression and enhance productivity. The Inner Wealth™ process uses whole brain modalities to open and expand personal and collective effectiveness.
 Learn More >

youth leadership development and youth program consulting

Youth: Engage Them, Inspire Them, Energize Them. Like never before!
Forget stale trainings and boring keynotes. Go with learning that sticks, sessions that rock, experiences that change behavior builds leaders – true game changers for the very people who will impact the world in profound and powerful ways.
Learn More >