Our Approach to Team Building


For us, team building is real skill building.

It’s not about kumbaya, it’s about real functional skills. Do any of these sound familiar to you?
» You’re hearing about/seeing finger pointing, avoiding, turfism, sioling, mud-slinging, blaming, disrespecting, creating drama…the typical dysfunctions. 
» Your team has trouble hearing/accepting each other’s ideas.
» Your team is mired in counter-productive in-fighting and trust breakdowns.
» Your team isn’t buying in to leadership’s initiatives or training efforts.
» You are seeing poor productivity and low engagement.
» Your customers can’t feel your organizational spirit – complain of poor customer service.
» Your team is producing lackluster sales, low loyalty, and poor product (or service) impact.
» Your community is disconnected from your organization’s message and programs.
» You’re seeing poor programmatic impact.

We fix these by experientially developing real skills for your team to make the changes.

What do we mean by experiential?
See the vide below for answers on how we make training successful every time.

Whether you are in Austin, Texas, San Francisco or the East Coast, your team sustains high performance when the relationships are strong and trust is high.

We Make This Easy For You
Agenda, Location, Process: we’ll help coordinate every element of your training.
A free 30 minute call is all. We’ll design and organize the team building to meet your every objective.
Call Now: Solomon Masala | 512.293.2400 | solomon(at)sourceconsultinggroup(dot)com.
We guarantee breakthrough.  And our clients agree. 

Just need more innovation? Anyone can talk about being “creative” and “innovative;” talk is easy. Talk doesn’t touch the reality that Steve Jobs and Elon Musk achieve:
> That excellence and “success” means staying waaay ahead of the curve…
> That “thinking different” is not just a nice skill set to think about or try out, but is absolutely essential for survival…
> That thinking, collaborating, behaving this way can-and-must be learned!

Our team building is not the usual fun and games (though people love it).
It’s rigor for deep development that gets teams way ahead of the curve.
It’s training based in simulations – actual in-the-moment-learning, with our honed skills for holding people accountable to their excellence.

Lao Tzu said it, “If you don’t change directions, you’ll get where you’re headed.”
So change your team’s 
Better relationships transforms all of this; we’ve seen it and you’ve seen it.
It’s why we believe in giving people skills not just ideas.

We believe people – your people – want to excel.
We believe people – your people – have strengths to make your team rock.
We believe people – your people – want to be effective and fulfilled.
We believe people – your people – can give incredible effort and commitment.
They just need the skills to do it. Invest in your people and your success.

Think about it: trust, communication, engagement, synergy, team work – all qualities of relationships.
Robust relationships yield robust communication, robust relationships yield robust engagement – you get the picture. Our team building approach ignites the context for sustainable, robust, excellent relationships.

The right skills promotes a context for winning culture. It’s the power of the relationships that gets you there. You want to be there, we’ll help you get there.

Every change, every transformation, every shift – is a process.  There is no fix-it-all silver bullet.
We involve you, our client in the discovery process.  Sure, we bring team development expertise to bear; in the end though, we want the change you experience completely owned by you and your people – that’s sustainable.

Will a shift happen?  We guarantee it with our team building approach.
Call us now, build your dream team. 512.293.2400

“Solomon is the founder of a consulting company, Source Consulting, that works with a variety of organizations to strengthen communication and problem-solving. He came up to Salida last year to work with my leadership team during our Spring Staff Retreat. We all still talk about Solomon and the things we’re working on that were initiated in that workshop.  Even the non process-oriented folks still bring up the inspiring ideas he shared with us. If I could put together a non-profit dream team that would have the ability to change the world, he would be on it.”
J. Karr-Silaski | Southwest Conservation Corps | Regional Director, Los Valles (Salida)