Communication training for all teams

communication training for bay area teams

This is Communication Training the way it should be. Communication training for all teams.

Five Bar Connect™ it’s a hi-def, full signal…it’s the total message coming through, completely understood and confirmed both ways.  No drop-outs, no lost connections. Five Bar Connect™ delivers confident clarity that leads to right action. It’s what communication training should do.

Poor communication, be it miscommunication, no communication – sucks. It’s expensive, it causes drama, and it can be straight up embarrassing. At a minimum, it’s a drag on a team’s groove.

The thing is, it really doesn’t have to be that way.

Teams do not have to be burdened by the breakdowns of communication with which we’re familiar. Crap talk and its impact don’t have to be part of your culture.

Skeptical? Understandable.
That’s why we developed Five Bar Connect™. We’ve collected the tools needed to get underneath the bad habits and ill behavior and we make them immediately useable through interactive and kinesthetic training.

Not only will your people learn how to use the tools, we’ll spark the core desire to communicate with excellence. That makes the process sustainable.

Bring this to your team building training and get this:

  • Personal understanding/desire to stop poor communication habits
  • Skills to manage and resolve tough conversations
  • Tools to mediate small or large conflicts
  • Steps to ensure clarity and accountability
  • Ability to keep a smooth flow of clear, static free communication as the norm

Call us now and get a 4G line of communication connecting every one of your team members.

Yeah, it’s a metaphor…but you know you love it when you’re hooked up to 4G. Get your team to flow that way today.

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