Spirit Days at the Office: Team Building One Day at a Time

By Solomon Masala | Team Building

Sep 18
Spirit days and Bay Area Team Building

When we were in school, there were days when we were encouraged to wear certain colors or dress a certain way (nerd day) to show our school spirit. Maybe it was for the Homecoming game, or to encourage another student going through a rough patch in life. Whatever it was, it worked, and just for a few hours on those days, we all felt a little closer to our peers.

Spirit days do not have to end once we’re no longer learning. Heck, we’re still learning, even when school is just a distant memory. Now that we’re older maybe we should start to take those “spirit day” lessons into today’s businesses with team building.

Because nothing says “team building” like spirit days do:

  • Breakfast with the boss: you may not realize it, but, plenty of employees would love a little one-on-one or small group time with you… and you need the same time with them.
  • Crazy hair or hat day: from “man buns” to mullets and blue pigtails to tiaras, these kind of days allow your employees a little break from being oh-so-serious and are a great ice breaker in team building activities.
  • Scavenger hunts: who gets a free lunch on Friday? The winning team of your monthly scavenger hunt, of course.
  • Karaoke: because everyone loves a good sing-along at the office. Don’t stop believin’

One characteristic of a winning business culture is the ability to cut loose and have fun with employees and staff. As a team leader, you’re the cheerleader behind your business, and that’s no easy task. Creating an environment where team building occurs naturally is one of the best methods for a successful business, and the payoff is seen in higher levels of productivity, better communication and just a “gosh darn” fun place to work.

Ready to take the trust fall into team building? Hit us up and we’ll get that Bay Area team spirit going for you!


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